Pampers Sensitive Wipes



Gentle cleaning for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Changing your baby can be one of the most loving moments of the day. The choice of hospitals and the sensitive wipe, Pampers Sensitive baby wipes are proven mild, hypoallergenic, and perfume-free. Their unique Softgrip Texture offers gentle cleaning for your baby’s sensitive skin. Plus Pampers Sensitive wipes are 20% thicker versus regular Pampers wipes. During changing time, give your baby our best gentle clean: Pampers Sensitive wipes.

Baby wipes are great for removing eye makeup

Beauty purists might recoil in horror at the thought of cleansing skin with a wipe, but they are fine for eye make-up. If you’re in a hurry or feeling lazy they will quickly dissolve stubborn mascara in seconds and are kinder to sensitive skin than cheaper cleansers.

They’re also a lot cheaper than most ‘beauty wipes’ found in the skincare aisle.

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Pampers Sensitive baby wipes

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